IT & Healthcare sector – market analysis by Partner Navigator

Partner Navigator conducted a market analysis this year on behalf of Dutch IT business magazine “AG Connect” into the deployment of IT companies in the healthcare sector. For this purpose, over 500 IT companies specialising in healthcare were included in an analysis.

IT companies targeting healthcare institutions supply their products and services directly to these institutions. And in almost negligible cases, they do so indirectly via reseller or distributor. Online delivery is also almost non-existent (8%). Not entirely unexpected is the fact that IT companies targeting healthcare institutions also often indicate that medium-sized and large organisations are among their target group. With the small exception of retailers who traditionally target a broad audience and also do not make up a large share within IT healthcare specialists.

Looking at the service pack of IT care specialists, we see consulting, support and implementation as the most common activities. Again, this is a picture that does fit the service pattern of IT companies that focus on an industry or sector. ERP and BI in particular stand out as software specialisations among healthcare-serving IT companies. Alongside more generic and also certainly expected application areas such as office/productivity and security. But especially the focus on BI indicates a lot of need from healthcare organisations for insight based on (their own) business data.

We often see echoes of the demand side in provider characteristics. Thus, we see that IT companies focusing on the healthcare sector are somewhat larger. But also more traditional in terms of the solutions and technologies (security, mobility, VoIP) they specialise in. Demand from the healthcare sector will be no different from more traditional in the sense of solutions such as ERP, security and especially office solutions. There is very likely to be a frequent need for insight based on data. Otherwise, this specialisation would be less common among IT companies targeting this sector.

The healthcare sector is a complex market with a great diversity of systems and solutions. In which many older systems and applications are still irreplaceable. But at the same time preventing the simplicity that well-connected environments quickly enable. There is a lot of focus among delivery IT parties on cloud services. Which is an indication of a lot of interest from the healthcare sector. Perhaps that attention is there to become less reliant on in-house and at length more difficult to manage systems.

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