The ever changing ICT ecosystem

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Before the Cloud the ICT ecosystem was reasonably straight forward. A vendor produced hard- or software, it was distributed by a distributor and sold to the end user by a reseller of retailer.

Today the ICT value chain is more complex and dynamic than ever. Internet and cloud are just a few of the drivers for this change. Vendors use the internet for distribution, distributors exchange their warehouse for a datacentre and resellers are moving up the chain to become a service provider or ISV.

Competition has a new face and it’s called collaboration! But who to select if roles are changing so often and fast?
Partner Navigator keeps track of the changes in the ICT ecosystem. Addresses can be found anywhere but information on who does what and with whom can only be answered by us. We keep track on vendors, ISV’s, distributors, telco’s, service providers, consultants, resellers, VAR’s, retailers and e-tailers and who they partner with. Detailed profiles with go-to-market info, specialisms, roles, partnerships, quality labels can be a perfect basis for your own go-to-market strategy.

We provide you with the information you need to select the right partner for tomorrows goals.

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