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Yes, completely. Data we publish is data extracted and interpreted from publicly available sources. For example, we only mention the name of the published director

Partner Navigator provides the profiles of companies with contact information and where possible a general email address. We do not provide opt-in from organizations! If you want to get in touch with the organizations you need to request the opt-in yourself or already have it.

We have chosen English as the primary language because in addition to entrepreneurs from the Netherlands and Belgium, foreign companies are also interested in our data. In the ICT sector in the Netherlands, English is also sufficiently established in communication with vendors and documentation. If you would like an explanation of something, please contact us.

Despite the fact that we invest a lot of time and effort in updating all data, it can never be guaranteed that all profiles are up to date. In the database you will find companies that have been profiled and companies that have not a complete profile yet. By default you will only see profiled companies in the search results. If you also want to receive non-profiled companies, you can explicitly choose to do so. If a profiled company is not up to date, you can report this to us and we will update the profile or provide you with a replacement profile. Naturally, this is free of charge. It may happen that not all data in a profile is complete because the company does not share it publicly. Partner Navigator only provides the information that is publicly available.

We compile profiles from various publicly available sources. You can think of the Chamber of Commerce, the website of a company, social media channels and available listings of for example suppliers, financial institutions and events. Each profile is regularly checked and interpreted manually by the Partner Navigator staff.

According to our terms and conditions, when you take out a subscription you get the right to use the data for the period of 12 months after purchase. During this period, you have the right to update data 4 times with the latest information available in the database.

After confirming your selection you can download the data in PDF or Excel format.

No. Unless it has been more than 12 months since you confirmed the selection, you do not have to pay for the profiles found earlier. After 12 months the right to use the data expires and these profiles will be charged again though.

You go through several steps.

Step 1: Make a selection – You put together a search profile based on the criteria you have chosen. You can search by name, by location, by role, by segment or by services and many other criteria. And you may make combinations of the above criteria. You confirm a criterium by clicking in another field.

Step 2: Preview selection – By clicking on Preview selection you confirm the search assignment without any deduction from your credits. In the middle screen you will see a count and the results of your search. If you are not satisfied with the results you can change the criteria again or start all over by clicking on Reset selection. You can repeat this until you are completely satisfied.

Step 3: Confirm selection – If you are satisfied with your selection you can click on Confirm selection. At that moment your selection is final and the query and the number of selected profiles is deducted from your credits. And the requested profiles are available for download in excel or pdf format.

You have 3 options to receive the full results of your query:

  1. You may narrow your criteria in the selection window to see less profiles
  2. You can confirm your selection and will receive the number of profiles corresponding to your available credits. You will get new credits in the upcoming month and you can get additional profiles then. The query you can always re-use form you ‘purchase history’ under my profile.
  3. You may update your subscription to be entitled to receive more profiles each month

Check that automatic translation in your browser is turned off.

For more information, please contact Partner Navigator;
info@partnernavigator.com or +31(0)85-4891610

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