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Partner Navigator is the source for fact-based information about the Dutch ICT market. We provide up-to-date data that serves as a foundation for analytics, market entry services, benchmarking and lead generation programs.

The information is available online, in reports and in programs.
Partner Navigator is an initiative of Partner Performance, a specialist in optimizing business ecosystems (www.partnerperformance.eu) and MarketID, a specialist in market intelligence (www.marketid.nl).
We have completed projects for both Global ICT vendors as well as local startup ISV’s. Our services scale with the complexity of the question.Partner Navigator provides insights and overviews based on a database containing 45.000 profiled ICT organizations.
If you are interested to understand the dynamics of the market, we provide you with the right information that will allow you to stay ahead of the competition.

If you are interested…

… to know if you work with the best partners for your current goals
… who are the new partners for specific markets
… how partners think about their future growth
… to update your unmanaged partner community

You will be interested inPartner Navigator.

Partner Navigator offers services to optimize your market and your channels to market in the Benelux market.
Key elements are: A database with over 50.000 profiled ICT organizations; Research to Lead programsPartnerMatch and the Unmanaged Partner Program.

Founding partners

We would like to help you get the most out of your partnerships!

Leo van Schie

Leo started in 2004 as an independent consultant on the field of optimizing business partnerships! Supporting customers in building successful alliances, developing and optimizing sales- and marketing channels and developing concepts for innovative communities or (social)networks. Providing management consultancy, interim management, tools, programs and training: A full range of services and products to make your partnership successful. A no-nonsense approach that will start with a clear (partner)strategy, followed by partner selection and supporting programs and finally evaluation and where needed fine-tuning for further optimization. Leo has more then 25 years of experience in ICT, Industry and Logistic environment and scalable to serve a corporate enterprises as well as entrepreneurs in the SMB segment. And has successfully completed projects for KPN (Royal Dutch Telecom), HP, Ricoh, Exact software and many other large and small companies.

Ruud Alaerds

30 years of experience in IT & marketing, marketresearch and consultancy. Now also active as managing director of Dutch Cloud Community. Several management positions at technology and marketing companies. His focus is the IT market. Ruud consults, supports and delivers insights. In a way  that will bring you results. Using market information, internal information in order to provide you with an actionable plan. He acts as a partner not as a supplier. With a focus on market intelligence, database and data analysis he takes down complexity. Services include market research, database matching, data analysis, dashboarding and management presentation and reports.