Partner Navigator publishes trends in ICT for AG Connect

Partner Navigator publishes trends in ICT for AG Connect

Partner Navigator contributed to one of the last editions in 2021 of dutch ICT business magazine “AG Connect”.

Some of the highlights of this story on ICT trends:

  • the rise of cloud services is particularly beneficial for Big Tech
  • smaller providers must start to specialise
  • and security is an important direction in doing just that

Conversation about IT changes
The new user of IT tools is accustomed to using them and does not think
not in terms of ownership. Companies that IT and focus on the end-user, must go along with this. But people have difficulty to make the change within the organisation. Tech’ no longer speaks with tech. And tech no longer determines alone any more. The result is that many IT parties who sell on the basis of technology are now also involving the business in their approach to the market. For the IT is no longer a subject for a separate subject for a separate department, but a theme that receives horizontal attention, with a person with final responsibility who regularly has a place in the
a place in the management team or in the board.

Download the published article here (in Dutch language).

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