Tips for wasted channel funds

Every organization has made a first step to start a sales channel. During time the number of partners may have increased and some may have left. After several years it’s common practice that at least 25% of the partners are inactive or non-performing. Your strategy may have changed or the partner has lost focus on your solutions. But they may still be participating in your partner programm and use the benefits that suits them for whatever reason. Because they are long time partners it almost seems logical to see them each year at the anual BBQ.

Off course you look constantly at the performance of your partners and you know by heart which partners can help you to reach your goals best. But the less performing partners may just be neglected. They may contribute a bit so why bother? Well, because they cost budget! The campaigns, the BBQ’s; they’re there. Every fews years a critical look at your partners may free up budget for new and ambitious partners thet will help you grow your business. It’s not always easy, they were there in the beginning and may have become good (business)friends. But it makes sense to act.

Make plan to evaluate the non- or less performing partners on their objectives and see if these are alligned with yours. No time to do so? We’re glad to help you build a program to re-energise your channel!

If you are interested

to know if you work with the best partners for your current goals … who are the new partners for specific markets … how partners think about their future growth … to update your unmanaged partner community You will be interested in Partner Navigator.