The Dutch Information & Communication Technology sector in a nutshell:

  • 65.000 ICT providers
  • 25.000 Independent professionals (SoHo, ZZP)
  • 8.000 resellers
  • 2.400 hosting providers

In a large and very complex supplier field. What are the best organizations for you to partner with?

Partner Navigator provides immediate insights through comprehensive dashboards. We deliver our customers tailored market dashboards, giving them actionable information.

A very important element for Partner Navigator’s services is the Navigator Database with 45,000 profiled ICT organizations in the Netherlands.

  • The profiles contain information on:
  • The role in the Ecosystem (e.g. vendor, ISV, service provider, distributor, reseller, retailer or webshop)
  • Focus on horizontal segments (e.g. SoHo (ZZP), SMB, Corporate or Global)
  • Vertical specializations (e.g. education, finance or government)
  • Product focus (e.g. servers, printers or security)
  • Software focus (e.g. office, ERP, BI or CRM)
  • Services focus (e.g. managed services, training, staffing or financing)
  • Partnerships (e.g. Microsoft, SAP, HP or Logitech)
  • Hype focus (e.g. Big Data, Internet of Things or VOIP/Unified Communications)

This is combined with up to date contact data, insolvency data and new arrivals.

Some examples: If you want to know what retailers are selling printers in Amsterdam or how analytics providers develop the market? Contact us!

The Partner Navigator database in numbers

If you are interested

to know if you work with the best partners for your current goals … who are the new partners for specific markets … how partners think about their future growth … to update your unmanaged partner community You will be interested in Partner Navigator.