Dutch online and Telco companies show strength during COVID-19 crisis

Partner Navigator market research for joined industry organisations

Market Research for joined industry organisations

Partner Navigator conducted a market research for a number of industry organisations in the field of IT and Telco. The research covers the implications of the COVID-19 measures taken by the Dutch autorities. The results show a strong online and telco sector and traditional IT companies having problems and facing a decrease in turnover compared to last year.

More info can be found on:

  • https://www.dhpa.nl/online-sector-blijkt-crisisbestendig-tijdens-coronapandemie/ (dutch language)
  • https://ispconnect.nl/nieuws/online-sector-blijkt-crisisbestendig-tijdens-coronapandemie/ (dutch language)
  • https://www.nbip.nl/nieuws/kennis/online-sector-blijkt-crisisbestendig-tijdens-coronapandemie/ (dutch language)
  • https://www.btg.org/2020/07/29/veel-telecom-en-cloudbedrijven-doen-goede-zaken-tijdens-de-coronacrisis/
  • https://www.dinl.nl/online-sector-blijkt-crisisbestendig-tijdens-coronapandemie/

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