Partner Navigator produces IT channel overview for AG Connect

Partner Navigator contributed to Dutch business magazine “AG Connect” giving an overview of the channel in the Dutch IT ecosystem.

Every organisation has taken an initial step to start a sales channel. Over time, the number of partners may have increased and partners may have left. After a few years, it is common for at least 25% of partners to be inactive or non-performing. Companies’ strategies may change or the partner may have lost focus on certain solutions. But one can still participate in the IT vendor’s partner programme and avail benefits that suit them for whatever reason.
From projects, conversations and also experiences that Partner Navigator has in the market, we see that many Go-To-Markets that are indirect in nature, i.e. working with distributors and resellers, that there is an erosion over the years in terms of efficiency of the channel. In short, the partner portfolio anno today is no longer the optimum it was a few years ago. Many times, the business that IT and telecom companies do with their channels comes from less than 20% of affiliated partners. It needs no further explanation when we state that partner portfolio optimisation is an ongoing process and not a ‘one-off’ action.

Download the published article here (in Dutch language).

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