Partner Navigator BV has become an independent company

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Today, 6 February 2020, Partner Navigator BV has become an independent company. The adventure started by Ruud Alaerds (Market ID) and Leo van Schie (Partner Performance) a few years ago is now on its own two feet.

Partner Navigator offers strategic and marketing advice, using the Partner Navigator database that includes all 54,000 ICT companies categorized in the Netherlands.

Leo van Schie: The ICT world will continue to change continuously. Innovative start-ups, promising scale-outs and traditional IT and telecom providers are constantly forming new areas of activity. The combined knowledge within Partner Navigator helps organizations find a way to the right specialist or partner.

Ruud Alaerds: In my over 30 years of experience as a market researcher and market intelligence specialist, this is an affirmation of what I see happening in the market for ICT companies. Namely, the need for a fact-based source that not only maps the ICT market and its providers but can also make clear the changes that are often followed very quickly and assess their value. Companies with an activity in the ICT market want to know who their ideal and possible partners are. At the same time, it is good to get an idea where competitive offerings are or who are competing companies. Because the Partner Navigator database has brought together all companies active in ICT and make the profiles clear, among other things, who and for whom they work, a 360 degree picture of the possibilities in the market can be quickly achieved.

Partner Navigator has worked for clients who come mainly from the world of ICT. Examples include Ricoh, KPN, EGP, Microsoft, Episerver, VCMB and SAP.

About Partner Navigator

Partner Navigator is more than a supplier of raw data. We provide information! We answer questions about who is in the Dutch ICT market. We see new, innovative and fast-growing start-ups, we support ICT suppliers and distributors who save money by updating their databases. Our information is available online, in projects and in programs.

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