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Accelerate Success

Understanding the market is a key to success. Market reseach is an important element to collect data. However a lot of potential will be wasted if the interest shown in interviews is not converted into a lead.

In our Research to Lead program we combine both elements:

  • Collecting information on market and potential partners
  • Bring interested organizations into a program for further commercial development

This program results in a significantly higher ROI compared to other lead generation programs for each contact will provide relevant information.

The Research to Lead program can be fully tailored to your specific requirements. It can be used to support marked entry, benchmark current and potential partners or acquire new partners.

Partner Navigator is more than a supplier of raw data. We provide information! We answer questions on who is who in the Dutch ICT market. We spot new, innovative and fast growing start ups, we support ICT vendors and distributors saving money with updating their databases. Our information is available on-line, in projects and in programs.

A few examples of our services:

If you are interested

to know if you work with the best partners for your current goals … who are the new partners for specific markets … how partners think about their future growth … to update your unmanaged partner community You will be interested in Partner Navigator.